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Community Policing





In an emergency, you should always call 999.

An emergency is:

  • when a crime is happening
  • when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, or
  • someone is injured, being threatened, or in danger

If you need to report a crime that is not an emergency, you should call our local force's non-emergency number

Non-emergency    Tel:  03 000 111 222


Safer Community Teams South Northamptonshire

The Safer Community Teams (SCTs) consist of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers, who work closely with partners from other agencies, in particular South Northamptonshire District Council and Northamptonshire County Council, to identify and resolve local issues and concerns. The SCTs are also supported by Special Constables who work on a voluntary basis to help with high visibility patrols and other policing issues in the area.

The SCT for Brafield on the Green is the Towcester Rural team. If you need information or advice, have details about crime or criminals or if you would like to talk about any local issue, please get in touch with the


Safer Community Team Towcester Rural Tel: 08453 700700



Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch can be a good way to help people feel more secure in their neighbourhoods and help in preventing crimes. All the houses in a certain area agree to look out for one another and keep an eye open for anything or anyone suspicious. Neighbourhood Watch groups are set up to target local concerns such as burglaries, car crimes or vandalism in the area. They develop close links with the Police who help set up the N.W. group in the first place and provide advice and information about local problems.

Brafield on the Green has a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place. Should you require information please contact the local scheme coordinator

Ruth Kentigern-Fox     Tel: 890223      or one of the Parish Councillors.


New Crime related Police website is a new website providing information on local Crime and Anti-social Behavour.

For further details on the content link here.


Date last updated:    02 Feb 2011                                                                                      Valid until:   31 Dec 2011