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2011 Village Spring Clean

Thank you to everyone who helped to clear the litter at the beginning of April.  We had a wonderful turnout of 19 people who were able to cover the whole village. 

The general consensus was that there was less litter than last year – certainly far fewer of the larger, more ‘unusual’, items - but it was surprising how much rubbish there was for just twelve months. 

Again there were comments about the way that people clear up after their dogs but then throw the poo-bags into the hedge or ditch for someone else to deal with – really not very pleasant!

If this is you – please take your dog poo-bag home for disposal. 


Photographs were taken of litter pickers and their bags of rubbish – some of these will be submitted to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) competition to see if we can win some cash for the village.

Thank you again to everyone who helped.





























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