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History of the village


This section of the site contains a detailed account of the history of the village entitled  


‘Brafield on the Green – History and Culture'      (Click to view)    


which includes maps, photographs, drawings and paintings.  It has accounts of the landscape of the village, its buildings and people. This will be extended as more information becomes available. So, how can you help?


Firstly, click on the above link perhaps and see what we’ve done so far.


  • Do you have information to add to anything written so far? Have you any recollections – your own, your family’s perhaps – about the village. Maybe you’ve some photographs, newspaper cuttings, letter, sale particulars for houses, printed posters, maps, plans, title deeds, drawings….that can add more detail and interest or….


  • …Would you like to write something about an individual, a family, a village event, a building, some feature of our local landscape or some other subject of interest about the history of the village – its weather, farming, transport, archaeology, wildlife, place and field names, local characters etc. etc..


Large or small….old or recent….If you feel you’ve something to offer under 1 and/or 2 then please get in touch and we can discuss how it might help to extend this part of the village website.


Your information will be initially added under the following sections, which will be expanded where there is demand.  Extracts of factual information from your details may then be added to the ‘History and Culture’ documents.


  • Interesting people and local characters from the past
  • Significant changes, planned and actual, affecting the village
  • Recollections, hearsay, rumours – true or false?
  • Memories of military conflict and the Depression
  • Past village events
  • Farms, farm land and farming techniques
  • Livestock, crops and farm equipment
  • The historic landscape and wildlife
  • Weather in the past, and the impact severe weather had on the village
  • Transport, traffic and road changes
  • Archaeological sites and finds
  • Associations with other village communities
  • Any other historic information, places you have seen information, historic websites 


Historical Links             Click here to see links to other external historical sites


Date last updated:   19 July 2008                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2008