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Northamptonshire Expansion                                                                      


Direct Access Information Portal

This portal allows you direct access to critical information related to the proposed expansion of Northamptonshire as published by the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (JPU), together with information provided by the Brafield on the Green Parish Council and other parties in response to those proposals.

It is mainly intended give easy direct access to selected important documentation.

If you wish to view a general overview of the proposals, and how the documents below relate to those proposals and the responses which the JPU have requested, then you should go to the main section of the village website where you will find explanations in much greater depth.  Obviously, this site concentrates on areas around the village of Brafield on the Green, but does contain information on the proposals for the whole of Northamptonshire.  Click on the link below.

Northamptonshire Expansion          (village website)

To go directly to the JPU  Consultation Portal use the following link:

Here you will find a copy of the Emergent Joint Core Strategy, and an online questionnaire.  It states that you may enter your comments online or print off the questionaire, to manually enter and return by post. 

For more general background information supporting their proposals you will need to go to the JPU's main site:

However, this site is not easy to navigate, and contains a number of errors.   

For convenience, copies of the latest Emergent Joint Core Strategy and Questionnaire may be downloaded here:

West Northamptonshire Emergent Joint Core Strategy 2009        New longer revised July version

                                                                                                                     (published 28th July 2009)


Revised Questionnaire               (third version, 24 Aug 2009)          Only to print and hand write

At last the JPU have added a Word version of the questionnaire.  Use this link to download from the JPU site:

MS word version of Questionnaire                                               To key details in on your pc

To view selected information provided by the Parish Council, click on the link below:

Parish Council Leaflet

Questions and PC Analysis         (new versions are being added as analysis continues)

Brafield on the Green Action Group


Brafield Action Group Leaflet


Supporting information

In Appendix C of the Emergent Joint Core Strategy, the JPU have provided lists of documents to support their proposals.  However, some links do not function, and a number of documents cannot be located. The following link provides functioning direct links for Appendix C1 and C2, with additional details of what can, and cannot, be found.

Appendix C JPU Supporting Documents

The following map provides a colour coded identification of the grades of land around Northampton.  It particularly indicates how the South East of Northampton comprises large areas of high quality agricultural land.

Northampton Agricultural Land Map

In 2008 the JPU issued a map highlighting areas of land where individuals or businesses were interested in being involved in the proposed developments. Click on the following link to view more details:

Land Options Map

A Comment Bank of useful information has been created to help when creating a response to the proposals.  Residents of the village may request a copy by contacting anyone in the Action Group, Parish Council or by email to:

Additional information, from residents and other local interested parties will be included as it becomes available.

Milton Malsor Parish Council Response

Milton Malsor Website          Milton Malsor PC response


If you wish to read extracts of press articles and comments then click on the following link:

Northamptonshire Expansion Plans - Press information


If you would like to comment about the expansion information on this village website, please use the link below:



Date last updated:  20 Sep 2009                                                                                          Valid until:  31 Dec 2009