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Storm Damage  -  January 2007



The recent January storms, with very high wind speeds, have been quite devastating in various areas of the country.  However, in Brafield there appears to have been little severe damage. Only one large tree appears to have been brought down by the strong winds.  It was previously visible from the Billing Road as an old twisted silhouette against the sky to the right of Home Farm.  As the photograph shows, the main trunk now lays across the stone wall.  





On the other hand the substantial amount of rain during January has raised the water table in the village considerably. 



The village pond is now full and overflowing. The ducks appear to be very content.






For the first time in many years water is present in ponds that have been totally dry.  In Vicarage Field, behind the Acorn Nursery, the pond is back to almost the old level. 


This area has normally been quite empty for at least the last ten years, until it filled during the last few periods of rain.



The same is true of the depression in the field just beyond the recently renovated ‘Old Farm’, down past the Green at the edge of the village.  This field, I think, is called ‘Hedgecraft, or sometimes ‘East Croft Leys’.


If you know of any significant damage in the area, as a result of the storms, let us know.


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