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Cluster Youth Group


Meeting:  21st Nov 2007

The following information has been received from our local Police Community Support Officer,  Richard Markham:


The cluster youth group for the area consisting of Hackleton, Brafield on the Green, Cogenhoe, Yardley Hastings, Denton and Little Houghton and all associated villages has now been running for approximately 4 months. 

The objectives of this group are to promote inclusion of the youth aged between 13-18 in this area, to offer alternative social opportunities than would normally be available and to allow the young people to create social inclusion within their own environment. 

The Brafield young people ran a Halloween Children's Party on 30th Oct and raised a fantastic £64.50 profit for the Youth Group.

The group has started well, however I urge all parish councils and also local residents who have children in this age group or a general interest in youth provision to offer assistance to this group. 

We also would encourage young people with ideas about activities they would like, to attend the next meeting.  

The next meeting will be held at:

Yardley Hastings United Reform Church at 19:30 on the 21st Nov 2007. 

Richard Markham



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