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New Equipment for Alley Gardens Play Area  





The Alley Garden Play Area in the village has just had a major increase in the amount of play equipment, with the addition of several new pieces installed especially for the use of young and disabled children. 

The scheme has been made possible by a most generous grant from Biffa Waste Disposal Company through their recycling Scheme.  The project has been in the pipeline for some two years, partly due to the fact that we had to raise 10% of the total grant ourselves.

The cost of the scheme is £23,738, including our 10% plus the membership to ENTRUST, the governing body of the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme, making the total cost of £24223.  This includes purchase and installation the equipment, and purchase and laying of the safety surface.

We hope that the young children of the village, and those who visit, will have many happy hours of enjoyment using the equipment.

Ray Henman

For and on behalf of

The Brafield Parish Charity



Photographs.   Click here to view photographs of the new equipment


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The Trustees of the Brafield Parish Charity*, and in particular Ray Henman and Gill Morgan, have worked tirelessly for over two years to bring to fruition the installation of the superb new pieces of play equipment now in place in the Alley Gardens Play Area.

It has been a long process of seeking sponsorship from a large number of grant bodies before deciding that they met the criteria for the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme; raising the 10% match funding necessary to put in the formal grant bid; then of course drawing up the detailed bid itself;  providing further evidence and support as required; researching suitable play equipment, and finally the easy part of organising the installation.

The children of Brafield on the Green owe a debt of gratitude, not only to them, but also for the generous donations from benefactors, both individuals and businesses, that enabled the bid to proceed.

 * formerly the Playing Field Association

Helen and Terry Barnell


The play area is really good.  The yellow whirler thing is my favourite. It makes you dizzy.

Lucy   age 6.





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