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Parish Council Newsletters




The Parish Council produces a regular newsletter that is distributed by Parish Councillors and other volunteers to every household and premises in the village. It is issued approximately every two months, usually following Parish Council meetings, to keep residents and local businesses informed of matters that have been discussed by, or sent to, the Parish Council. It also invites comments and help from residents on particular issues. It was originally produced in A4 portrait format, but is now produced in A3 landscape format to allow more space for information, whilst allowing for it to be folded and stored for future reference by those without access to the website.


Details of the next Parish Council meeting are given at the bottom of each newsletter.


Additional information:

Although five newsletters were produced in the two years before they became a regular issue, no electronic record exists to be able to record them here.             



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Date Last Updated:   24 Jan 2012                                                                                      Valid until:   31 Dec 2099