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Northamptonshire Expansion - 2010 Diary

This diary contains announcements, publication of documentation, and other issues related to the current WNDC and WNJPU centered expansion of population, housing and businesses within Northamptonshire, particularly those associated with Northampton SE, in the area surrounding our village.

The entries are listed in reverse date order, starting with the most recent first. 

A link in the 'Info' column will provide more information on the entry, whilst any link in the column named 'Details' will normally provide further details or an explanation or analysis. In many cases an image of the JPU pages, or other external site pages, are initially displayed, with a further link on to the specific site by clicking on the image. This technique has been adopted because we have no control over external sites and links may no longer be available as those sites change in the future.

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Issue Date



22 Nov 10  

Publication of Localism Bill delayed by 2 weeks

18 Nov 10  

Various website reviews of government statement on planning reform

18 Nov 10  

BBC - Pickles promises 'people's planning power'

12 Nov 10 30 Nov 10

WNJSPC cancel 30 Nov 2010 meeting

12 Nov 10  

WNJPU reflect on High Court Ruling (read the whole court ruling here)

11 Nov 10  

WNDC publishes Integrated Sustainable Design Guidelines

10 Nov 10  

Kevin Ward issues Notes on WNJPU Briefing on 9th Nov 2010

10 Nov 10  

Eric Pickles housing move to scrap RSS 'unlawful'

10 Nov 10  

Local enterprise partnership (LEP) proposal given go ahead by government

07 Nov 10 18 Nov 10

Housing Trajectory and the Localism Bill (now expected arround 18 Nov)

05 Nov 10  

WNJPU publishes corrected Housing Trajectory Table

04 Nov 10 16 Dec 10

NBC releases Northampton Pre-Submission Central Area Action Plan for Consultation over the next six weeks.

03 Nov 10  

WNJPU publish Housing Trajectory on the Home Page

03 Nov 10 09 Nov 10

Invitation to WNJPU Briefing on 09 Nov 2010

02 Nov 10  

WNJPU publishes a statement on Local Approach to Housing Provision

02 Nov 10  

WNJPU replace document in list for WNJSPC meeting on 26 Oct 2010

01 Nov 10  

WNJPU publish revised document list for WNJSPC meeting on 26 Oct 2010

01 Nov 10  

NBC publish Minutes of  WNJSPC meeting on 26 Oct 2010

28 Oct 10  

SNC releases Note for Editors on Housing Numbers

28 Oct 10  

SNC publishes Press Release on housing provision

26 Oct 10  

House of Commons publish briefing paper on 'Housing Targets and Planning'

20 Oct 10 26 Oct 10

WNJPU publish revised documents for WNJSPC meeting on 26 Oct 2010

14 Oct 10  

Cabinet Office publishes list confirming the future of Quangos

13 Oct 10 26 Oct 10

WNJPU publish documents for WNJSPC meeting on 26 Oct 2010.

Documents include latest projected WN housing needs up to 2026.

01 Oct 10  

WNDC publishes a Code of Practice for engaging with local authorities

28 Sep 10  

Minister outlines the future of the WNDC

28 Sep 10  

Article discussing 'how will housing policy unfold?'.

24 Sep 10  

BBC publishes list of Quangos and associated leaked documents

24 Sep 10  

Telegraph leaks list of Quangos likely to be abolished

22 Sep 10  

Update on Community Right to Build

09 Sep 10  

BBC Radio 4 'You and Yours' discussion on future housing

08 Sep 10  

Planning Officers Society responds to Community Right to Build

07 Sep 10 16 Sep 10

SNC Development Control Meeting documents published.

Documents issued include:

  • Details of discussions on the Revocation of Regional Spatial Strategy and the Five Year Housing Land Supply.
  • A breakdown of Land Availability. 
01 Sep 10  

WNJPU publish latest West Northamptonshire Employment Land Study

31 Aug 10  

Regenereation & Renewal report on cuts to Milton Keynes Growth Area

27 Aug 10 07 Sep 10

SNC Policy Review and Development Committee Meeting agenda and documents including:

  • Grange Park Development Lessons Learned Report
  • South Northants Climate Change Strategy Responses and Report
  25 Aug 10  

WNDC original web address is reinstated

20 Aug 10  

South Northants Council Development Control Meeting update

19 Aug 10  

WNDC website has  been redeveloped with a changed domain name.

18 Aug 10 26 Aug 10

South Northants Council Development Control Meeting documents including report on the Revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategies.

11 Aug 10  

NCC publish new projections for the population of Northamptonshire.

30 Jul 10  

West Northamptonshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee Minutes published, including holding response to recent petition.

26 Jul 10  

WNDC appoint new high profile director

23 Jul 10  

Government proposals for a Communities Right to Build

19 Jul 10  

WNJS Planning Committee Minutes are available as individual documents on the Northampton Borough Council website

19 Jul 10  

WNJS Planning Committee Minutes for  7th June 2010 meeting

17 Jul 10  

Advert for North Londonshire,


16 Jul 10 26 Jul 10

The entry below (16 Jul 10) contains extracts related to

  • A petition presented to the WNJS Planning Committee
  • Decisions on the Northamptonshire ARC
16 Jul 10 26 Jul 10

WNJPU publishes WNJS Planning Committee Agenda for 26th July 2010.

Link here for a initial summary of the WNEJCS response analysis.

Link here for a more detailed analysis of the response numbers.

Link here for more details on selected responses.

13 Jul 10

WNJPU publishes 'Who we are and What we do'  Statement

08 Jul 10  

WNJPU publishes 9 page letter on the Revocation of Regional Strategies

01 Jul 10  

Andrea Leadsom elected to the Treasury Select Committee

30 Jun 10  

MPs debate on Regional Spatial Strategies (video, audio and text)

24 Jun 10  

Andrea Leadsom's maiden speech

21 Jun 10  

WNJPU website has been completely redeveloped

19 Jun 10  

Andrea Leadsom Blog restarted

17 Jun 10  

Northamptonshire County Council publishes new draft Local Economic Assessment (with multiple references to the 'Northamptonshire ARC')

14 Jun 10  

WNJPU publishes 148 page West Northants Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

11 Jun 10  

The WNJPU has published an announcement related to the implications of the letter from Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government on 27th May 2010

10 Jun 10  

The Northamptonshire County Council publishes further information on the proposed 'Northamptonshire Arc'

10 Jun 10  

The Northamptonshire Observer publishes report and a consultation on the proposed 'Northamptonshire Arc'.

05 Jun 10  

WNJPU publishes all the responses to the Emergent Joint Core Strategy consultation in Summer 2009

03 Jun 10  

South Northamptonshire Council issue statement stating that 'Government to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies'.  SNC has also issued additional guidance information. Link here for further details.

25 May 10 07 Jun 10

Agenda and Papers published for 7th June 2010 meeting of Joint Strategic Planning Committee

20 May 10  

The coalition government announces its 'Programme for Government'.

Page 11 covers a number of issues related to the local expansion situation.

  16 May 10  

There are three specific sections on our MP's website which provide overviews on subjects related to the expansion of Northamptonshire. In addition there are a number of her Blog entries which give her views on the expansion. Link here for further details.

09 May 10  

Andrea Leadsom has been elected as the MP for South Northamptonshire.

You can read her blog containing her comments and details of what she has been doing. You can add any comments you may wish against any of her activities.  Link here for further details.

28 Apr 10 May 10

WNJPU have announced that they have commissioned yet another West Northamptonshire Employment Land Study to be undertaken by Roger Tym and Partners, to be published in May 2010.

The JPU state that Roger Tym and Partners are independent consultants, but their name appears against three areas of land under consideration in the Joint Core Strategy Issues and Options.

28 Apr 10 Jun 10

WNJPU plan to publish the final SHLAA report at the end of June 2010.

28 Apr 10  

WNJPU have announced that they have released information to help people understand the published Strategic Flood Risk Assessments.

Please note that the link provided by the WNJPU in their Newsletter appeared to be incorrect, and did not function.   We now understand that the link provided by the JPU does work.  For more details click on this link

Click here to link directly to the location where you may download the information released by the JPU.

28 Apr 10 26 Jul 10

WNJPU plan to provide a summary of responses to last years Emergent Joint Core Strategy to WNJSPC at its meeting on the 26 Jul 2010.

28 Apr 10 Nov 10

WNJSPC plan to submit Joint Core Strategy to the Government Office for the East Midlands in Nov 2010 for examination before being adopted. See below.

28 Apr 10 Oct 10

WNJSPC plan to publish Pre-submission Joint Core Strategy for public consultation in Oct 2010.  It is unclear how this can occur at the same time as the examination described directly above in this table

28 Apr 10  

WNJPU have anounced that the new Local Development Scheme has received final approval from the Government Office for the East Midlands.

28 Apr 10  

WNJPU publish Spring 2010 Newsletter. Contents include comment on the General Election, and the status of selected studies with planned staged dates.

Link 22 Apr 10  

View Andrea Leadsom's blog dated 22 Apr 10, reviewing her thoughts on the Cogenhoe meeting ( 20 Apr 10 ) where prospective parliamentry candidates attended to discuss the expansion in Nortahmpton SE.

19 Apr 10

Political comments on South Northamptonshire to avoid confusion over new electoral boundaries.

19 Apr 10  

Political comments on the forthcoming election in Northampton South and the expansion of Northampton and Northamptonshire.

09 Apr 10  

Joint Strategic Planning Committee  -  Forthcoming Meeting Dates announced

08 Apr 10  

WNJPU publish Meeting Notes

06 Apr 10  

WNJPU publish Postcode Analysis of Responses to Emergent Joint Core Strategy  ( Item 7 Emergent Joint Core Strategy Supplementary Report )

02 Apr 10

WNJPU publish latest Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRA). To view a short summary of the contents, link here.

26 Mar 10
20 Apr 10

Cogenhoe are to host a meeting on 20th April  for you to meet your prospective parliamentary candidates and discuss the expansion of Northamptonshire.

22 Mar 10 30 Mar 10

WNJPU publish Proposed Amendments for Public Participation at JSPC Meetings for meeting planned on 30th March 2010

22 Mar 10
30 Mar 10

WNJPU publish Agenda and supporting information for Joint Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, to be held on 30th March 2010

25 Feb 10  

WNJPU announced that a new West Northamptonshire Local Development Scheme had been approved on the 22 Mar 2010

23 Feb 10
30 Jun 10

WNJPU announced that the Final Version of the SHLAA will be further delayed, and that it will not be completed until 30th June at the earliest.

22 Feb 10  

Conservative Party publishes Green Paper on Open Source Planning

14 Feb 10
31 May 10

WNJPU announced that due to the volume of evidence provided the Final Version of the SHLAA wil not be available to at least the 31st May

14 Feb 10

WNJPU announced that the Draft SHLAA is now closed. Therefore further evidence will not be accepted. However, the SHLAA application will remain open so that the data may still be viewed.

13 Jan 10

WNJPU announced that new higher quality maps have been added to the Draft SHLAA application to replace those that were unreadable

20 Jan 10 26 Jan 10

The 26th January 2010 meeting of the Joint Strategic Planning Committee has been cancelled.

04 Jan 10

WNJPU publish Minutes for Joint Strategic Planning Committee meeting on 17th December 2009


It is hoped that a similar diary for 2009 will be issued when all the data has been collated.


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