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Northamptonshire Expansion - 2011 Diary

27 Jan 2011  -  WNJPU publish Spring 2011 Newsletter

The West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit has today published a Newsletter. These were originally produced quarterly, but it has been twelve months since the last one was published.

This five page document covers the following topics

  • The main summary covers the latest Joint Core Strategy and the associated timescales
  • Asssociated with this strategy is an update on documents that have been added to the Evidence Base
  • Information on the Daventry Masterplan & Village Design Statements (including a recently reviewed one for Crick)
  • Guidance on Sustainable Design
  • Information on Minerals and Waste Development Framework (MWDF)

Click on the image to link directly to the WNJPU website and download the newsletter.

Click on the image to link directly to the WN JPU website



Date last updated:  27 Jan 2011                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2011