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Northamptonshire Expansion - Current Diary

03 Feb 2011  -  Brafield village website publishes extract of WNJPU Officer responses

On the 17th January 2011, the Northampton Borough Council published documentation for the next meeting of the West Northamptonshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee meeting to be held on 31 January 2011. 

One of these documents was 183 pages long and named WNJSPC 31.1.11 Responses to EJCS Appendix 2, item 6

This document contains details from the 56 questions in the last public consultation in 2009.  Although the WNJPU and NBC published similar documentation for the planning committee, the WNJPU did not publish this document.

The document lists:

  • A summary of issues raised by the public to the individual 56 questions
  • Responses by JPU officers to those issues raised by the public
  • Recommendations related to each question

The whole document may be downloaded from the NBC website (see the entry near the bottom of the image below).
However, if you are only interested in Question 28, related to Northampton SE, then see an extract below.

Click on this image to directly download the whole document from the website.

                     Click on the image to link directly to the NBC website



Officer Response to Representations for JSPCommittee on 31st January 2011

Question 28: Do you support the development of the Preferred Option ‘Northampton South East’?

The WNJPU Officers' responses to, and recommendation for, Question 28 have been extracted onto a single page.

Click on the image to open the extract:

        Click on the image to open the 1 page extract

 If you wish to see the issues the public raised, then you need to download the whole document.


Date last updated:  03 Feb 2011                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2011