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Northamptonshire Expansion - Current Diary

09 Feb 2011  -  NBC publish updated documents from WNJSPC meeting on 31 Jan 2011

The Northampton Borough Council has published further documentation following the meeting of the West Northamptonshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee meeting which was held on 31 January 2011. 

Click on the image to link directly to the NBC website to download documents.

However, please read the comments below.


                   Click on the image to link directly to the NBC website



     West Northamptonshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee documentation

Please review the previous documentation in Expansion Diary entry dated 17 Jan 2011

Document (as described on the NBC screen)





Agenda and minutes

 Note 1
Link above ( 3 ) Web page

Agenda Item - Full minutes

 Note 2
NBC Link ( 5 ) Web page

Agenda frontsheet

See NBC site 1 57 kB

Agenda reports pack                     

  Note 3
 See NBC site  473  54 Mb

Printed Minutes

Note 4
See NBC site 8 86 Kb


 Note 5
See NBC site 4 70 Kb

WN Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy

Note 6
See NBC site 8 48 Kb

WNJSPC 31.1.11 JCS Appendix 1, item 6

Note 7
See NBC site 248 2 Mb

Maps combined with Index, item 6

 Note 8
See NBC site 24 43 Mb

WNJSPC 31.1.11 Responses to EJCS Appendix 2, item 6

Note 9
See NBC site 183 3 Mb

WNJSPC 31.1.11 Comms Strategy Appendix 3, item 6

See NBC site 5 37 Kb


Note 1.  This initial webpage, called the 'Agenda and minutes' can be viewed by clicking on the image above.
              It provides the links to download all the other documents.  If it is printed, it produces a 3 page document.
              It contains a summary record of the comments and views given by the three public speakers at the meeting.
              It also contains a half page extract from the start of the full minutes.  See Note 2.

Note 2.  At the end of the extract of minutes on the initial web page (above), there is a link to view the full minutes.
              This link opens a web page of minutes, which if printed produce a 5 page document.
              However, these 'Full Minutes' do not include the public participation minutes.  See Note 1 and Note 4

Note 3.  This 473 page document is compilation of many of the documents and maps listed above.
             It is a huge 54Mb file that will generally be very difficult, and take a considerable time, to download.

Note 4.  This document is a pdf compilation of the two sets of minutes described in Notes 1 and Notes 2.

Note 5.  These are the minutes of the previous meeting on 26 Oct 2010

Note 6.  This is the head of JPU report  not  the  'WN Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy'  as described by the NBC  

Note 7.  This is the main 'WN Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy'

Note 8.  This 24 page document is complete set of maps referenced in the main Strategy.
             This is also a huge 43Mb file that will take a long time to download.

Note 9.  These are the WNJPU responses to the EJCS public responses  (not published on the WNJPU website)


Date last updated:  09 Feb 2011                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2011