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Northamptonshire Expansion - Current Diary

This diary contains announcements, publication of documentation, and other issues related to the current WNDC and WNJPU centered expansion of population, housing and businesses within Northamptonshire, particularly those associated with Northampton SE, in the area surrounding our village.

The entries are listed in reverse date order, starting with the most recent first. 

A link in the 'Info' column will provide more information on the entry, whilst any link in the column named 'Details' will normally provide further details or an explanation or analysis. In many cases an image of the JPU pages, or other external site pages, are initially displayed, with a further link on to the specific site by clicking on the image. This technique has been adopted because we have no control over external sites and links may no longer be available as those sites change in the future.

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The diary is archived on an annual basis.

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Issue Date



03 Feb 12  

West Northants Joint Planning Unit rollout redeveloped website

16 Oct 11  

Nene Ridge Parishes respond to National Planning Policy consultation

25 Jul 11  

Government publish Draft National Planning Policy for consultation

15 Jul 11  

Government publish Local Planning Regulations for Consultation

16 Mar 11  

Parliament considers changes to WNDC’s Planning Powers

09 Mar 11  

SNC publish Planning Process Update

16 Feb 11  

Visual Comparison of 2007, 2009 and 2011 Expansion Plans - WNJPU returns to 2007 Expansion Plans

16 Feb 11  

WNJPU publishes updated Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy and Guidance Notes on how to respond.

15 Feb 11  

WNJPU publish five documents for WNJCS Evidence Base

15 Feb 11  

SNC issue Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy Exhibition Dates

10 Feb 11  

Introduction to 2011 Northamptonshire Expansion Plans formalised

09 Feb 11  

NBC publish updated documents from WNJSPC meeting on 31 Jan 2011

09 Feb 11  

Introduction to 2011 Northamptonshire Expansion Plans created

08 Feb 11  

NBC publish Minutes from WNJSPC meeting on 31 Jan 2011
with details of agreed changes to the Draft Pre-submission JC Strategy

07 Feb 11  

Transfer of planning powers to South Northamptonshire Council

06 Feb 11 21 Feb 11

Northants Residents Alliance organise meeting on 21st Feb 2011

03 Feb 11  

Extract of WNJPU responses issued - see entry 17 Jan 11 below

31 Jan 11  

WN Joint Strategic Planning Committee approve Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy for public consultation

27 Jan 11  

WNJPU publish Spring 2011 Newsletter

19 Jan 11  

WNJPU publish WN Pre-Submission Core Strategy small sized maps

18 Jan 11  

WNJPU publish WN Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy full scale maps

17 Jan 11 31 Jan 11

NBC publish documents for WNJSPC meeting on 31 Jan 2011
However, no maps are available in these downloads.

Link here to view the JPU Officer responses published by NBC

17 Jan 11 31 Jan 11

WNJPU publish WN Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy - Committee Draft

14 Jan 11  

Andrea Leadsom debates Planning Control in the House of Commons.
Use the link on the left to link to Andrea's Blog entry.
Link here to go directly to the transcript of the debate in Hansard.




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