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Northamptonshire Expansion

Exhibition of Proposals

The West Nortamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (WNJPU) have issued a leaflet providing details of exhibitions of their proposals around the county.  Link to the leaflet here.


There is only one exhibition planned for this whole south east sector, and it is to be held in our village hall. Opening times are as follows:


  • Wednesday  19th August    9:00 am until  5:30 pm
  • Thursday      20th August    1:00 pm  until 6:30 pm

The leaflet states that JPU staff will be at the exhibition to answer your questions.


Presentation and Forum

The Parish Council witl also be hosting two evening meetings in the village hall to discuss the situation arising from these proposals.   There will be a presentation and a discussion session to hear peoples views, and give advice on how to officially respond to the expansion plans.

The meetings will be held as follows:

  • Wednesday  19th August    7:30 pm  until  10:00 pm
  • Monday        24th August    7:30 pm  until  10:00 pm

Please come along. Everyone in the village and surrounding area is welcome.


You can download and print copies of two posters here,  and here.   Please tell others about these meetings.




Exhibition boards to be used by the JPU have been published and can be downloaded here


Date last updated:  14 Aug 2009                                                                                       Valid until:  31 Dec 2012