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The plans were generated by the   West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit

To go to the Joint Planning Unit's home page, click on the following link:

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit

In this site you are normally expected to know what you are looking for, to search for individual documents by their title, and then download those documents to view the details. Often it is not possble to fully understand whether they contain the details you are searching for until you download and open them. There does not appear to be a general summary to the proposals and resulting consultations, that take you logically through the processes, linking you to the appropriate documents.  A 'Help' section would certainly be useful.

There are parts of JPU site that do not function correctly, or appear to contain errors.  To view information on specific examples, link to further down in this document.

However, the site did contain the main strategy document related to these new plans. It was a 94 page document published on the site on 26th June 2009, named 'West Northamptonshire Emergent Joint Core Strategy 2009'. 

You could view this main council strategy document by clicking on the header called 'Joint Planning Committee'.   This section contained three pages of downloadable documents. You could enter search dates or the title to locate the document to download.  However, this has now been removed. 

It was difficult to find documents, so a direct link to the document was added to this village site.  However, it was discovered on 21 Aug 2009 that this document was not the most recent version of the emergent strategy.  Bound printed copies of another version were available at the JPU exhibition in the village.  This printed version, now dated July 2009, has 111 pages.  I has the same title, but now has  'Published for Consultation July 2009'  added to the front page.

This new version cannot be located on the main JPU site, but can now be found newly released on the consultation site:

Alternatively, click on the following link to download a copy of the new version of the strategy document directly.

West Northamptonshire Emergent Joint Core Strategy 2009        New longer revised July version

                                                                                                             (published 28th July 2009)

Please note that the link on this village site to the older document has been removed and replaced with a link to the new revised document.   If you have been using the older shorter document for reference, then please download the newer version.

The following information contains page number references, which have now been changed to correspond to the new version of the Emergent Joint Core Strategy.

Page 33 of this document displays a map of Northampton, highlighting the proposed expansion areas for the town, particularly the large area from the M1 to the A45, covering the whole area west from Brafield-on-the-Green into Northampton.  A copy of that map is displayed below. 

It appears to indicate a new major road from the A45 along Crow Lane, passing close to Brafield, and then on to a new junction on the M1.  The document states that junction 15 is to be relocated further south, suggesting that the existing junction 15 will then be permanently closed, and that vast amounts of traffic will be directed along this new ring road.




The Original 2007 Proposals

During 2007 the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit issued a number of proposals related to where future commercial and residential growth within Northamptonshire should be located.  As part of the overall process, interested parties and members of the public were asked to respond with their views of the proposals.

In the case of growth in and around Northampton, there were four options offered, each indicated here by four maps.

The orange areas highlight the main areas of planned growth.


Option 1:      Northampton South Eastern Extension      (Collingtree, Grange Park and Wootton)    




Option 2:      Northampton South Eastern / Western Extension  (Grange Park, Wootton and Sandy Lane)    




Option 3:      Northampton North Eastern Extension  ('The Banana', around the North and East)    




Option 4:      Northampton Southern / South of M1 Extension  (Brackmills, Collingtree and out towards Roade)   




In 2007 the public and other interested parties were asked to comment on these general proposals, and it was stated that an analysis of these consultations would be published, and incorporated into the proposed plans. 

Now that the JPU have fixed a few of the errors on the website (see below) you can now link directly to the section containing responses to the options that they proposed.

Those who responded using the:

  • Short questionnaire    strongly favoured Option 2,   the South Eastern / Western Extension
  • Long questionnaire     strongly favoured Option 3,  the North Eastern Extension
  • Late submissions      almost all favoured Option 3,  the North Eastern Extension

Of the remaining two options:

  • Option 1,  The South Eastern Extension,  received far less support


  • Option 4,  The South / South of the M1 Extension,  received very little support


In May 2008 the JPU published a breakdown of the responses they received related to these original proposals. These responses are broken down in great details, but there is very little in the way of conclusions resulting from this analysis.

You may view the detailed analysis by clicking on the following link to the JPU site.  You will find six downloads.

Analysis of responses to original 2007 proposals

For more details of the original proposals and the responses click on this link: (more details in preparation)

You will also discover in this analysis of responses download, a large map illustrating areas of land where individuals or businesses who have expressed an interest in being involved in these proposed developments.  Here is a section of that map, covering the area arround Northampton.




Click on the map or the link below to view the map in greater detail, read more details, and download the key to the identifiers for each section of land on the map.  

Land Option details


The New 2009 Proposals

On Friday 26 June 2009  the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit issued a new set of proposals, as indicated above, in a document called the 'West Northamptonshire Emergent Joint Core Strategy 2009'.

The new proposals are far larger and cover broader and completely new areas around the town. Page 80 in the document displays a map of Options assessed for future growth:



As you can see, the new options, illustrated here in yellow, surround the whole town and cover a considerably wider area than previous options. These areas are numbered 1 to 6, and have been given the following titles:

New Option 1.  Northampton North

New Option 2.  Northampton East   (rejected, see below)

New Option 3.  Northampton South East

New Option 4.  Nothampton West

New Option 5.  Northampton South of the M1 & South West  (rejected, see below)

New Option 6.  Northampton South

New Option ?   M1 Junction 16  is described on pages 36 & 37 of the report, but not given a separate Option Number.


The document comments on each of these options on pages 31 to 40. 

Information on Option 3, Northampton South East, which will affect Brafield and the surrounding area to the greatest extent, is given on pages 35 and 36.

Two of these options (ie. whole areas) have been rejected within the report itself, as apparently not forming part of any further discussion or consultation. 

The Rejected Options  are (see the given reasons on pages 78 and 79):

Option 2.  Northampton East

Option 5.  Northampton South of the M1 & South West

Therefore the JPU are proposing new larger areas of development around Northampton, but they may not be exactly as illustrated on the main map on page 33, which is used by the JPU just to summarise the general proposals:



Phasing the Growth

Pages 71 to 75 of the proposals indicate how the growth will be phased.

Therefore, for just the Northampton South East option:

  • In the years 2011 to 2016 the proposals are for   1750 new dwellings.
  • In the years 2016 to 2021 the proposals are for   2000 new dwellings.    
  • In the years 2021 to 2026 the proposals are for   2500 new dwellings.

After 2026, where the new  'Market City'  growth is not given in any detail what-so-ever, the proposals state there will be room for a further 11,750 new dwellings in the Northampton SE Option alone (page 31).   

The report also states that traffic will have increased to such an extent that the proposed new road link from the A45 at Billing, passing close to Brafield, and then on to a new junction on the M1, will be required before the end of the 2016 to 2021 phase (page 74). 

For more details of the new proposals, click on this link:          (more details in preparation)

Land Surrounding Northampton

The following map is included in the evidence base listed by the JPU.  Brafield on the Green village has been circled on the map as clarification.  Click on the map to view a larger image.


                 Click on the map to open a larger image


For further information each sector of land highlighted on the map, click on the following link. This includes information used by the JPU when arriving at their proposals for the area.  It also list a number of errors discovered within this section of the evidence.

Sector Potential for Development

Northampton Arc

This new road, from the A45 at Billing to a new junction on the M1, is now being referred to as the 'Northampton Arc', although it is part of a wider series of traffic proposals under, or associated with, the same name. 

For more details of this new road and associated transport information, click on the following link.  This includes maps of the proposed route, plus an alternative route and traffic congestion details.

Proposed new A45 / M1 link road

Regeneration of Northampton Town / City

On 12 Aug 2009 further details of the plans to regenerate parts of the town were released. 

Click of the following link to download a brochure entitled:  'Making the Market City'

There is another consultation in place requesting your response to these town centre regeneration proposals. Closing date is 18th Sept 2009.

For further details on plans for the regeneration of Northampton, click on this link.

Public Consultation

Originally the JPU stated that consultaion with businesses and the public related to these new proposals would start mid July 2009, for a period of six weeks.  However, this period was delayed and new dates were announced.

On 26th July it was stated that the main consultation period will be from 27th July 2009 until 11th September 2009.

On 24th Aug it was announced on the JPU site that the consultation period had been extended to 30th September 09.

Therefore the consultation period will now be from 27th July 2009 until 30th September 2009.   If you would like to view the letter announcing this latest change visit the JPU main site or click here to view the letter.

Details of the public consultation were added to the Joint Planning Unit website in August.

Either use this next link to the main site, and follow the links:

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit News

Or go directly to the Consultation Portal using the following link:

Here you will find a copy of the Emergent Joint Core Strategy, and an online questionnaire.  It states that you may enter your comments online or print off the questionaire, to manually enter and return by post.  

Please Note: 

On 24th August the JPU issued a third questionnaire.   Questions 22, 23, 47, 53, 54 & 55 have been revised. 

Please check these questions, and use the new version if you have previously downloaded the old.

The new questionnaire is more easily identifiable in that it does comment on the changes on page 1.

For more details please check the letter which the JPU issued at the same time. Click here to link.

The new questionnaire has now been added to the main JPU website, and the JPU online consultancy site.

However, it  may be more convenient for you to download a copy of the corrected questionnaire from this site:

Revised Questionnaire             (third version 24 Aug)

Unfortunately you cannot key your responses onto this questionnaire directly with your pc. It must be printed off and your responses written on the paper version.  An MS-Word version would have been a useful addition.

On 2nd September the JPU added a Word version of the questionnaire. Use this link to download from the JPU site:

MS word version of Questionnaire            To key details in on your pc

It is a pity that it is not formatted correctly.  You cannot simply tick the boxes, and the comment areas do not expand.


Supporting Information

Near to the end of of the Emergent Joint Core Strategy, in Appendix C, the JPU have provided lists of documents to support their proposals.  However, many of the links do not function, and a number of documents cannot be located. The following link provides direct functional links for Appendix C1 and C2, with additional details of what can, and cannot, be found.

Appendix C. JPU Supporting Documents


Brafield Parish Council is presently researching the information related to these proposals, and will be offering advice in the near future to those who wish to write and comment on the proposals, using arguments and points that will be relevant to the planners. 

Interim documents from the Parish Council covering the type of responses to questions in the questionnaire have now been published, along with all of the slides from the presentation in the village hall on 19th Aug 2009.  For further  details click on this link.

On the 11th August the JPU issued a leaflet giving details of exhibitions around the county.  On 19th and 20th August an exhibition will be held in our village hall.  The leaflet states that JPU staff will be present to answer your questions:

Exhibition opening times:  

  • Wednesday  19th August 2009:  09:30  to  17:30
  • Thursday      20th August 2009:  13:00  to  18:30

The Parish Council will also be hosting meetings in the village hall which will include a presentation and discussion forum.

The meetings will be held on:

  • Wednesday  19th August 2009:   7:30 pm   to  10:00 pm
  • Monday        24th August 2009:   7:00 pm   to  10:00 pm

Please come along.  For further details, click on this link.

If you wish to write to the JPU indepentently, details are on the above portal, but send any questions or comments to:

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit

Cliftonville House

Bedford Road



Email to:
Fax to:      01604 838 543

The following comments are an extract from a statement by Tony Woods, chairman WNJSPC. More details related to this can be found in the West Northamptonshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee Minutes - Monday, 6 July 2009:

'. . . The Chairman explained that the headline figures of housing and jobs had been set by Government and the Regional Assembly and could not be reduced, however a higher number of homes and jobs could be planned for. The Joint Planning Committee was attempting to do the best it could for West Northamptonshire; and jobs and infrastructure would be vital to the success of the Strategy.


The Chairman explained that anyone wishing to object to any of the proposals contained in the emergent Joint Core Strategy would need to give reasons to support their objection, for example that the flood risk assessment for a particular area indicated that the land in question was not suitable for the proposed development or that a proper traffic assessment study had not been carried out. Objections should make reference to and use the evidence base, which had been published on the Internet. It would also be helpful if such objections also made suggestions as to where the development could go, equally referring to the evidence base, for example that in this location there was no flood risk and that the highways network was suitable to serve the proposed development.


The Chairman commented that these plans would have a life of up to thirty years and clearly not all the development would happen quickly. The Joint Planning Committee felt that it was important to get the maximum benefit for the existing population and for new people coming into the area. . .'




The information provided here comprises extracts from other internet sites. It is intended as a summary of details, together with guidance on how to locate other sites where you can check all the information and context within the whole proposals for yourself.  If you consider that any of the links or extracts are incorrect, please lets us know by using the feedback link below.

Further information will be added to this site as and when it becomes available.

If you wish to read extracts of press articles and comments then click on the following link:

Northamptonshire Expansion Plans - Press information

If you would like to comment about the expansion information on this village website, please use the link below:


Date last updated:  18 Sep 2009                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2026

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