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Northamptonshire Expansion                                                                      


Land Options

During the first quarter of 2008 the JPU published, and then updated, a map which appears to highlight areas of land where companies or individuals have expressed an interest in being involved in the proposed development of the western side of Northamptonshire. The comments attached to the map state the areas highlighted represent those who have given consent to being published and added to the internet.  We must conclude that there are other parties who do not wish to be publicised.

The map is dated 21st Jan 2008.  Therefore the situation over land ownership and expressed interest is likely to have changed in the period since that date.   A section of that map is included below. 

Click on the map to see a larger image.  




The key to the numbers on the map may be viewed using the link below.  This lists the names of the individuals or organisations, together with their agent or associated business for each section of land.

Key to Land Options

If you wish to download the whole map, covering much of West Northamptonshire, including Daventry and Towcester, then use the following link to the WNJPU site:

You will find a list of six downloads. The map is the last of the six entitled:

'Sites promoted through Core Strategy Issues and Options'

It is quite a large document (6Mb) and takes a while to download.   Please note the comments on the document associated with this download.

Development Consortium

Searching through the internet recently highlighted the following website:

This website has been created to promote a development consortium in Northampton South East, and engage the public in their desire to develop an area of farmland between Brackmills and Grange Park.  As the site states, the Wootton Consortium comprises Barratt, Harcourt, Martin Grant, Kier Homes and others. This generally concurs with the above land options.


Date last updated:  25 Sep 2009                                                                                          Valid until:  31 Dec 2009