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Regeneration of Northampton

In the past there have been a number of proposals and plans related to the regeneration of Northampton, particularly the town centre area, and the river frontage area. 

The latest proposals generally relate to a south west segment of the town from the centre out to the river. 

They refer to a number of areas including: 


  • Redevelopment of the Grosvenor Centre and Market Square
  • A new railway station and shopping area
  • The St John's cultural area


  • Development of the river frontage including a marina


For further details, visit the Northampton Borough Council's site, and follow the link on the home page.     (now only normal home page, see notes below)

You can download the full document containing these latest proposals.

There is also a questionaire where you can give your views.

Unfortunately the above link has been removed from the Borough Council's home page. 

The following link now appears to be central to much of the details on the towns regeneration

Northampton Regeneration

In addition the following link takes you to a list of downloadable documents which you may find useful:

Regeneration Downloads

On the 14 September we have now rediscovered further details.  You may view of the regeneration plans and comment on-line using the following portal.  The closing date is 18th September.

Within this portal, you are able to download, if you wish, three documents:

  • The Emerging Stratergy Document for the Central Area Action Plan (Aug 2009)  -  99 pages
  • A full 17 page Questionnaire to print and write on
  • The 12 page colour leaflet and short questionnaire


The following link only contains one download.  Nothing else.  However we are informed that more is to follow



Date last updated:  14 Sep 2009                                                                                       Valid until:  31 Dec 2012