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Draft SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment)


Just over a week before Christmas the WNJPU published the draft version of the SHLAA 'Report'.  The release had been announced several months before, but had been postponed a number of times.

Although it is called a 'report', in totality the publication includes a number of documents, together with maps and individual summaries for almost 1000 areas of land that have been assessed as potential residential building sites.

Initially, sections of the site did not function correctly, and a number of maps were unreadable.  In mid January 2010, the WNJPU announced that they had released changes to the SHLAA site, and replaced selected maps. Now the site is improved, although there are still problems, and certain maps do not display.

The information provided to-date in SHLAA is a draft version.  This will only be available on the JPU site until 11th February. When additional information and feedback has been collated, a final version will be published at a later date.

SHLAA Structure and Content

Currently there is a link to the Draft SHLAA on the WNJPU Home page.  This link does not take you directly into the detailed sections of SHLAA, but takes you first into an introduction, with links to supporting documents and maps, and limited instructions on accessing parts of the SHLAA application.

Introductory information

Here is link to the SHLAA Introductory Page

The supporting documents comprise:

  • An Executive Summary              ( 5 page summary covering the purpose and findings )
  • Schedule of All Sites   ( Spreadsheet of the sites where many of the details are summarised in tabular form )


These documents are followed by fifteen Context Maps.  However, each map may take some time to download.

These are large maps with all the assessed sites over the South and West of Northamptonshire highlighted in Red.

They provide a broad picture of where all the sites are located.  For example link to the Northampton South area map.

At the bottom of the Introduction Page is a link into the detailed section of SHLAA, containing the individual sites.

SHLAA Main (Detailed site) section structure

Here is a link to the SHLAA Main page

Superficially, the SHLAA Main Page looks very similar to the WNJPU Home Page, in that it is dominated by the bold map of the South West of the county.  However, it is a new page into a new application. The SHLAA Main Page has links to three sub-sections.

Choose one of the three  Districts  from the list, or click on the appropriate section of the map.


Each of these districts is then subdivided into further lists. Those that are more complex and contain more sites of land are divided in greater depth.

  • Northampton District         lists three sub-districts (two of which are settlements each subdivided into sites)

                                                       plus Northampton which lists 23 settlements each subdivided into 371 sites

  • South Northamptonshire   lists 67 Settlements (Towns and villages) each divided into individual sites
  • Daventry District                lists 39 Settlements (Towns and villages) each subdivided into individual sites

However, please note that the 'Northampton' section contains many of the green-field sites south of the river Nene, often refered to in these discussions as Northampton South East, including those sites around Great and Little Hougthon.

The search facilities, to find specific sites, mentioned in the SHLAA documentation cannot be located.

Further details are provide in the following sections on our village site.

Summary details from SHLAA on this village site

The following link, SHLAA Summary of Sites lists some furthers details about the SHLAA site.  In addition, because the search facility in the SHLAA application does not appear to be present, our village site provides direct access into the SHLAA application for those sites situated in Northampton South East, and will therefore be of particular interest to the residents of Brafield on the Green and surrounding areas.

Information related to leaving Feedback

If you wish to provide feedback to the WNJPU in the form of evidence regarding the suitability, or not, of sites for residential development, then the following link, SHLAA Feedback, may provide useful additional information.


The WNJPU site states that the Draft SHLAA will only be available for you to view the information and maps, and for anyone to provide feedback until 11th Feb 2010.


Date last updated:  20 Jan 2010                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2010



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