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SHLAA Summary of Sites


On the 13 January 2010 the WNJPU made a number of alterations to the information published as the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) documentation. The information is broken down into a heirachical structure that is not always logical. For example, much of the possible development in Northampton SE has been placed under the village heading 'Little Houghton'.  There is also a group of 22 sites held in an entry called 'Nene Valley', within the Northampton section.


Click on the image to view the SHLAA details in full and read the JPU introduction and notes.

In the introduction you will find fifteen 'Context Maps' highlighting in red the areas of land involved. In particular, note the Context Map for the South of Northampton where the whole semi-circular arc south of the Northampton is bathed in red.

Sites that may be of direct interest to the residents of Brafield and the surrounding area in Northampton South East have been summarised here on our village site in tabular form such that they can be easily located. However, please note that there are many more sites listed all over South Northamptonshire, the Daventry region, north and west of Northampton, and in the Northampton area itself.

Each row has a link that takes you directly into the area within the main SHLAA structure. Following comments made to the JPU before Christmas, good quality larger scale maps are now available, in .pdf and .gif format. The ID of these is indicated in the table below.  However, they are quite large files, and do not always download logically. You will need to follow the instructions given, and may need to save the maps locally before viewing them. Some smaller scale maps in documents on the site still do not load.

Each site has a section where any member of the public may add comments as to the suitability of that site for housing. You are not able to see comments made by other people.  The JPU states that this information will only be available for viewing and commenting on until 11th February.  Even if commenting ceases on-line at that time, being able to view this information should be available for much longer.


District Settlement Site
Site Ref Map
South N Brafield on the Green Brafield on the Green  15 25 S12
  Cogenhoe Short Lane  37 241 S17
    St Peters Way  30 228 S17
    St Peters Way  8 888 S17
    Station Road  170 531 S17
    Whiston Lane and Short Street  47 530 S17
  Hackleton Lyne Walk  27 384 S29
    Main Road  119 253 S29
    Sheppy Lane  14 383 S29
  Horton Brafield Road  11 396 S35
    Brafield Stadium  25 469 S35
    Denton Road  22 394 S34
    Horton Road  44 638 S35
    Station Farm, Brafield Road  198 249 S34
    The Drive  4 395 S34
  Little Houghton Bedford Road  80 50 S40
    Hallam Land Management (Preston Green)  4736 269 S40
    Preston Green  16000 266 S40
    William Davis (Preston Green)  4800 268 S40
    Wootton SDA Consortium (Preston Green)  4500 267 S40
    Wootton South East  ? 82 S40
  Piddington Forest Road  41 406 S49
    Rear of 23 Forest Road  11 551 S49
  Yardley Hastings Bedford Road  68 426 S70
    Chase Park Road  64 428 S70
    East of Castle Ashby Road  19 427 S70
N'pton Billing Billing Garden Centre  86 356 N2
  Ecton Ecton Estate  2500 203 N13
  Grange Park Bridge Meadow 88 789 S27
    Grange Park Phase 2 Zone D  117 878 S27
    Land north of Saxon Avenue  227 453 S27
    Wootton Lane East  363 790 S27
  Nene Valley 51 - 71 Berry Lane Wootton (rear)  26 D 712 N17
    Autohaus 31 - 33 Newport Pagnell Rd Hardingstone  ? 715 N17
    Bedford Road  752 26 N18
    Bedford Road North Great Houghton  831 788 N18
    Bedford Road South  406 579 N18
    Brackmills  ? 182 N18
    Collingtree Park Golf Course Collingtree  22 185 N11
    Hardingstone Lodge Great Houghton  210 449 N18
    Liliput Road  ? 183 N18
    Martins Farm  ? 327 N18
    Martins Lane Allotments Hardingstone 18 713 N17
    Newport Pagnell Rd Allotments Hardingstone  27 714 N17
    Newport Pagnell Road   28 897 N17
    North of Bedford Road  396 593 N18
    Quinton Road  10 171 N17
    The Farm, The Green  20 204 N17
    The Green Great Houghton  1310 448 N18
    The Green West Great Houghton  ? 787 N18
    Watering Lane Collingtree  195 187 N11
    Wooldale Road  54 170 N17
    Wootton Trading Estate Newport Pagnell Rd   29 D 717 N17
    Wyevale Garden Centre Newport Pagnell Rd Wootton  116 D 716 N17
Dav   No sites extracted (See JPU site)      

Note:  'D' denotes 'Discarded'.


If you wish to provide feedback to the WNJPU in the form of evidence regarding the suitability, or not, of sites for residential development, then the following link, SHLAA Feedback, may provide useful additional information.

Date last updated:  15 Jan 2010                                                                                         Valid until:  31 Dec 2010