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Brafield Church and Poors Land Charity



This Charity is over 250 years old.  An account of its history is available in the history of the village section.  Link to that section here.

Today it has a small estate of just over 6 acres of land in the parish.  This includes the Alley Gardens land in Church Lane.



This land has been let as allotments to villagers since at least 1829 but possibly for much longer than that.


Today there are 11 individual allotment plots, 3 of which are subdivided into 2 sub-plots. These are let to people who live within 5 miles of Brafield through a tenancy agreement with the Trustees which sets out the conditions for the tenancy.




The land is let for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers for home consumption. Tenants can put sheds and water butts on their plot with the permission of the Trustees. The Trustees will also consider requests to keep livestock and poultry on the land. Generally, rabbits and hens – again only for home consumption - will be allowed.

The modest rental is treated as annual income to the Charity and contributes to its main objects – thus, one third of it goes to the Church for repair and maintenance of the building and the other two thirds are available to help people in the village who face financial difficulties.

If you are interested in applying for a plot, then contact:-

David Clayson 46 Bridle Path, Brafield on the Green.  Tel 891473



Date last updated:    14 Nov 2009                                                                                       Valid until:   31 Dec 2009