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Parish Council                                    Please note that this is not the final format    


Introduction:                                                         General information about the Council Structure

                                                                             Roles of the Councils



Your Councillors                                                   Names and contact details

                                                                             Specific Roles

                                                                             Clerk to the Council

                                                                             Other representatives      


Communication                                                    Contacting the Parish Council

                                                                             Parish Council meetings


                                                                             Village booklet

                                                                             Notice boards

                                                                             Village Website

                                                                             Reporting faults/problems

                                                                             Volunteering/participating/giving support

                                                                             Raising Issues


Parish Council Meetings:                                      Parish Council Meeting details

                                                                             Venue, frequency,




Information about the Parish                                Current general details on the Parish

                                                                             Boundary map

                                                                             Rights of Way

                                                                             Parish Paths Warden


Policy and Strategy                                              Policy Statement and details

                                                                             Adopted Policies

                                                                             Strategy Document


Freedom of information                                       Background and details

                                                                             Publication Scheme 


Finance                                                                Precept

                                                                             Funding Projects

                                                                             Annual Returns  

Planning                                                              Guidance, issues, links

                                                                             Conservation areas

                                                                             Listed Buildings


Environmental matters                                         General environmental information

                                                                             Specific issues

                                                                             PC responsibilities

                                                                             BTCV information and reports


Highways                                                              Road issues, usage, speeds, etc

                                                                             Development and upgrades

                                                                             Road closures / repairs


Other Reports                                                       Annual Reports


                                                                             Business Plans


Other Local Government Issues                           Websites



News and notices                                                 Next Meeting:  Monday 19 March 2018

                                                                             at 7:30pm in the Sargeant Memorial Hall


Date last updated:    06 Feb 2018                                                                                      Valid until:  31 Dec 2099