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Parish Council Communication


Clerk  to the Council:

Mrs. V. Hartley

Beech House

Dean’s Row




Tel:  01604 858360



Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets approximately once every two months in the Sargeant Memorial Hall Church Lane Brafield. With the exception of the Annual Parish meeting which starts at 7p.m., meetings start at 7.30p.m. At the start of each Parish Council meeting, time is set aside for the public to raise and discuss issues with the Council. Members of the public are most welcome to attend any meeting.



The Parish Council produces a regular newsletter that is distributed by Parish Councillors and other volunteers to every household and premises in the village. It is issued approximately every two months, usually following Parish Council meetings, to keep residents and local businesses informed of matters that have been discussed by, or sent to, the Parish Council. It provides local information of relevance to villagers and often invites comments and help from residents on particular issues. It also gives the date of your next Parish Council meeting.


Notice Boards

The main Parish Council Notice Board is on the bus shelter opposite the Post Office and Stores at the top end of the village. One half of the notice board, which is covered and locked, is reserved for Parish Council notices. The other half is open for local residents to place notices of relevance to villagers. We do ask that the size of these notices be kept to a minimum, attached with drawing pins rather than staples, and removed when no longer appropriate. A second ‘unofficial’ notice board is on Mrs Taylor’s barn on the Billing Road in Lower End. The date and agenda for the next Parish Council meeting are posted on both notice boards approximately one week before each meeting.


Village Website

We hope this Village Website will form another channel of information and opportunity for participation, as it develops. Some villagers have already contributed information and been involved in its construction. Please use the ‘Contact us’ button on the ‘Home page’ if you would like to help expand this resource.


Streetlight faults

If you discover a fault with a streetlight in your area, please make a note of the number on the streetlight and report it to Councillor David Clayson on 891473 who will forward details to the Street Doctor on behalf of the Parish Council. We have, on occasion, been charged for more than one call out when several residents have reported the same fault. We hope having one contact will help eliminate unnecessary charges to the Parish Council in the future, and enable it to monitor such faults effectively.


Other highways faults

Other commonly reported faults reported are: potholes, blocked drains and hazardous pavements. If you contact ‘The Street Doctor’ direct either by telephone on 0845 601 11 13 or via the website to report a fault, you will be given a unique reference number so you can track the progress of the fault. Please ensure you ask for this. The Parish Council is interested in monitoring such reported faults, so it would be helpful if you would be kind enough also to contact Gill Ager on 891488, and we will do our best to ensure that tasks are completed.



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