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Your County, District and Parish Council Structure


Northamptonshire County Council   is based in Northampton and has specific responsibility for the provision of education, social services, strategic planning, libraries, road maintenance, county parks, consumer protection, road safety and economic development throughout the county.

The county of Northamptonshire is currently split into seven local authority areas, made up of the Borough Councils in Corby, Kettering, Northampton and Wellingborough, with District Councils in Daventry, East Northamptonshire and South Northamptonshire.


Brafield on the Green forms part of the South Northamptonshire District Council which has responsibility for refuse collection, street cleansing, local planning and building control, housing services and benefits, environmental health, leisure recreation and tourism, council tax and rate collection, and administration of elections.


Brafield on the Green Parish Council

Brafield on the Green Parish Council was established in 1894 as part of the reforms creating civil parishes with their own local Councils nationwide.

Brafield on the Green was, until recently, in Chase Ward which covered:

  • Brafield on the Green
  • Hackleton
  • Horton
  • Little Houghton
  • Piddington
  • Preston Deanery
  • Quinton

At the Parish and District Council elections on May 3rd 2007 a significant reorganisation took place. Chase Ward now no longer exists, and Brafield on the Green has become part of a new Brafield and Yardley Ward which covers:

  • Brafield on the Green
  • Cogenhoe and Whiston
  • Castle Ashby
  • Yardley Hastings
  • Denton
  • Little Houghton







Date last updated:      05 May 2007                                                                                 Valid until:  31 Dec 2007