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Parish Paths Warden:    Helen Frostwick

Being a Parish Paths Warden is really rather a pleasant task, particularly if you enjoy walking. I am required to walk all of the thirty eight officially listed footpaths at least once a year, and report back to the ‘Rights of Way’ department of the County Council. Thirty eight paths seem excessive but in fact some are very short stretches – sections really of much longer paths. For ease of identification they all have a designated number preceded by the letters KC.

I actually check out all of them during the week preceding a Parish Council meeting, and I can then give a reasonably up to date report. I take note of ease of walking e.g. not too overgrown (quite a problem in the late Spring / early summer growth explosion), obstructions e.g. fallen tree branches, rubbish etc., the state of gates and stiles, and the clarity of way marking.

We have few problems in Brafield as our local farmers are very conscientious in their husbandry of field edges, repair of stiles and gates, and hedges etc., as well as reinstatement of any paths temporarily disrupted by ploughing etc.

As walkers we are very privileged to have access to this network and, as such, have a duty to act responsibly. Always shut gates securely, don’t allow dogs to race in gay abandon through vulnerable growing crops smashing them down, and in Spring be especially aware of our wild life struggling to give birth and rear young in peace and seclusion.

Helen Frostwick       Brafield on the Green volunteer Parish Paths Warden :  Northampton 899075





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