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Parish Council: volunteering, participating and giving support


Although the Council has certain duties and responsibilities as a part of local government, to be successful and make a real difference for the village it depends to a large extent on enabling and supporting other people and organisations to volunteer, participate and, ultimately, do things for the benefit of the village and its community – indeed, your village and community.


To operate most effectively the Council needs you to make a contribution and get involved either as individuals or collectively.  This may be as simple as alerting the Council to problems and issues of concern to residents, perhaps making suggestions for future projects and policy or seeking support for a group or activity.


Some parishioners volunteer their time on an irregular basis, others make a regular commitment to support the work of the Parish Council, as footpath and tree wardens, in maintaining the area around the village pond, and undertaking improvements such as installing seats and keeping the village tidy. A number of other residents have helped out with questionnaires and survey work, and others have taken time to communicate with us and volunteer views on numerous issues. The Parish Council Newsletter (see separate section) which gives contact details and so invites you to become involved, is delivered regularly by a number of other volunteers. We are most grateful to everyone for their commitment.


If you have views on any matters of interest or concern, or you would like to offer to help us in any way, please get in touch with the Clerk or any member of the Parish Council. This is our village. We value your interest and support as we work together to try to improve our community and make Brafield a place in which we all have pride.










Date last updated:      05 May 2007                                                                                    Valid until:  31 Dec 2007