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New Police web-site

On the 1st Feb 2010 a new police website was announced on television, radio and in the press. Demand to access the site on that day was so great that it failed completely. It was stated that 18,000,000 hits/hour were recorded and accounted for the collapse. The site now appears to have recovered from this overload.

The site asks you to enter a place name, street, or postcode, and displays local police and crime related information.

You may view:

  • Details of local police teams
  • Recent numbers and types of crime in the area
  • Information and advice
  • Local meetings, a how to become involved.

You may also download crime related information.

Click on the following link to go directly to the site:


If you wish to view crime details surrounding a specific area, go into one known location (for example, Northampton).

  • If you go to the Crime Map page, you may zoom out, or zoom in to view locations in more detail.
  • Then you may 'click and hold' on the red marker and move that marker anywhere to see surrounding areas.



Date last updated:    02 Feb 2011                                                                                       Valid until:   31 Dec 2011