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Please note that this list is not being updated for technical reasons and needs to be totally rebuilt.

Listed below are the most recent changes to the web site in reverse date order (i.e. the most recent first).

In many cases you can link directly to the page containing the change by clicking on the link next to the change date.  Where it is considered appropriate, and the changes are complex, there may be a link to a page that details those changes, and from that page there may be other links to the actual pages that have been changed.

Old entries are archived on an annual basis, but you may still access these ( see bottom of page).


Date:  Description:
  15/11/11 Panters butchers have been removed from the site
22/09/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
19/09/11 PC Newsletters updated
14/09/11 Next Parish Council meeting details added
  09/08/11 'Northamptonshire On Wheels' (N.O.W.) service (no longer offered) removed from Transport Section
26/07/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Gov. publish Draft national Planning Framework for consultation
16/07/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Gov. publish Local Planning Regulations for consultation
10/07/11 Education and Libraries split into two sub-sections
08/07/11 Information on the Mobile Library Service updated
28/06/11 Parish Councillor details updated
25/06/11 Church of Saint Laurence details updated with links to benefice websites
15/06/11 Local History Society 2011 - AGM Meeting Minutes added
15/06/11 Local History Society 2011 - 2012 programme of events added
12/06/11 Local History Society - General details revised
24/05/11 David Clayson retires as a Parish Councillor - presentation photographs added
23/05/11 Village Spring Clean - CPRE Campaign  -  Photographs added
  23/05/11 Please Note:  Updates to this site are due to resume after illness and technical difficulties
19/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - SNC publish Planning Process Update
18/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
16/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Parliament considers changes to WNDC’s Planning Powers
16/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
15/03/11 Wildlife Diary updated - Red Kite
14/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
14/03/11 General Contact List details updated with changed unwanted phone call details
13/03/11 Change to April 2011 meeting of The Houghtons and Brafield Local History Society
13/03/11 09/03/11 Meeting Notes for The Houghtons and Brafield Local History Society added
12/03/11 Details of The Houghtons and Brafield Local History Society added
11/03/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
  06/03/11 Please Note:  It is hoped that current updates will be available in the next few days
  02/03/11 Contact Requests - Request dated 14 Jan 2011 removed
  18/03/11 Please Note:  Due to technical difficulties many updates cannot be made live at present.
16/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - WNJPU publishes updated Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy
15/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - WNJPU publish documents for WNJCS Evidence Base
15/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - SNC issue Pre-Sub Joint Core Strategy Exhibition Dates
  12/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Link to 2011 Expansion Proposals added to home page
  11/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - SHLAA link removed from home page
10/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Introduction to the latest 2011 proposals added to Diary
09/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - NBC publish updated documents from WNJSPC meeting
09/02/11 Wildlife Diary updated - Hares
08/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - NBC publish Minutes for WNJSPC meeting
08/02/11 Contact Requests - '64 Billing Road', family home enquiry added
07/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Transfer of planning powers to SNC
06/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Northants Residents Alliance organise meeting
03/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Extract of WNJPU responses issued
02/02/11 Detail of, and link to, new Police Crime website added
01/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Press details added
01/02/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - WNJSPC approve Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy
27/01/11 Northants Expansion - WNJPU publish Spring 2011 Newsletter
26/01/11 Parish Council Meeting Minutes for Nov 2010 added
24/01/11 Other Events updated
23/01/11 Next Parish Council meeting details added
22/01/11 Northants Expansion - Andrea Leadsom debates Planning Control in the House of Commons.
22/01/11 PC Newsletter No: 051 added
21/01/11 Northants Expansion - Press details - One more step in road to a bypass
20/01/11 Contact Requests - 'Barker' Family Name enquiry added
20/01/11 Northants Expansion - Press details - Housing plan will ‘end up in the dustbin’
19/01/11 Northants Expansion - Press details - Just one senior school for 11,000 new homes
19/01/11 Northants Expansion - WNJPU publish WN Pre-Submission Core Strategy small sized maps
18/01/11 Northants Expansion - Press details - Street protests will follow Northampton’s housing plans
18/01/11 Northants Expansion - WNJPU publish Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy large maps
17/01/11 Northants Expansion - Press details updated - Outrage at latest plans for 21,000 new homes
17/01/11 Northants Expansion - NBC publish documents for WNJSPC meeting on 31 Jan 2011
17/01/11 Northants Expansion - WNJPU publish Pre-Submission Joint Core Strategy - Commitee Draft
  16/01/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - Home page Diary link changed from '2010' to 'Current'
16/01/11 Northamptonshire Expansion - 'Current' Diary introduced, replacing 2010 Diary
15/01/11 PC Newsletter No: 050 added
15/01/11 Parish Council Meeting Minutes for Sept 2010 added
13/01/11 Next Parish Council meeting details added
  13/01/11 'What to do at Christmas' link on Home Page removed
13/01/11 2010 Site Changes archived
  13/01/11 Sorry, but due to computer failure and illness this site has not been updated for almost two months.
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