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St. Laurence’s Church


Our Church is at least Norman (11th century) in origin.  The stonework is of limestone with some banding of ironstone – the darker brown coloured stones.




































The West tower includes architectural evidence of Norman date in its lower stage. Above, the bell stage of the tower is of Perpendicular style (probably of 14th/15th century date) and some of the many buttresses around the tower were created to support this top structure.





























There are some interesting carved gargoyles adding character to the tower.















The Chancel was rebuilt in 1848 by J. M. Derick with the north aisle and arcade restored in 1850. The main body of the Church was restored in 1858. The porch dates from 1911.


The piers to the arches or arcade between the nave and the south aisle are perhaps the most interesting and unique architectural feature of the church. They are of 12th or 13th century date and, although restored, do include some original and quite elaborate leaf and foliage, and basketweave, decoration from this period.


The font too is Norman. It is ornamented with interlaced semi-circles. The seven sided and panelled pulpit is probably of 18th century date.







The churchyard is large and surrounded by an ancient stone wall and contains some fine trees.




A more detailed technical description of the Church from an architectural perspective can be found at:*/site/ed-nh-brafi.html

This includes a lot of detail about the piers including several photographs showing the detail of the carvings on them.


For anyone interested in visiting the Church to explore it on foot, a short history and guide designed to take the visitor around the various features is available.  Anne Henman has kindly allowed us to reproduce it here.

The Church of St Laurence - Short History and Guide   -   Anne Henman


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