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1.  Introduction


Researching and reading about Brafield


If you are interested in looking at original records or archives relating to Brafield to research the village or families that have lived here, there are two main places you need to consider.


The first of these is the Northamptonshire Record Office. This collects original archives relating to the County from all sources – local government at all levels, church parishes, families, businesses including solicitors, etc. Its holdings date from the 12th century to the present and it is the place where original and unique archives are preserved to national standards and made available to the public.


It holds large amounts of material relating to Brafield including its parish records which date back to the 16th century. It also holds copies of records produced by central government which are of very local relevance and use such as census returns. Many of the records which will appear on this part of the site will have been copies from the originals at the Record Office. In each case their unique reference is given preceded by NRO. If you want to see the original item if you contact or visit them and quote the reference then it will be very easy for them to get it out for you.

The web presence for the Record Office is

Then click on Community and Living for information about the Record Office.

The Record Office searchroom, where visitors go to see and use the archives, also holds a small library of printed material too which is useful to people using the archives there. However, the place that holds the largest collection of printed material – and also a large collection of pictures relating to the County – is the Local Studies section at the Central Library in Northampton. Their web presence is at


The second main place for Archives is The National Archives at Kew in London which collects records relating to central government which, of course, has some impact on every village and place in the country. Their web presence is at

Very little has been written about Brafield itself. There is only one key source really and that is Richard Hollowell’s ‘A poor but industrious people: memories of Brafield on the Green’ (edited by Stephen Hollowell) (ISBN 1 898937 524, Merton Priory Press).


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