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The School


According to Whellan’s Directory of Northamptonshire (1874), Brafield School was built by the vicar in 1842. In it the building is described as a stone building with a thatched roof, eaves and gables with wide projections ‘and finished with verge boards, with pendants and ridge knops which give a picturesque Swiss looking character to the whole.’


Kelly’s Directory of 1885 records it as a National School (mixed) for 100 children with an average attendance of 1880. It mentions a classroom built at the expense of the Rev. C. Smyth who was vicar from 1838-1894.


This is likely to have been the enlargement of 1885 mentioned in Kelly’s Directory of 1910 which state the enlargement as enabling 135 children to be accommodated, although the average attendance at that date was 98.


Further work took place in 1907. This work was by Law and Harris, some original drawings for which exist [NRO Law and Harris Plans Box 30].


The building is very distinctive and of considerable charm. Its decorative windows under stone hood moulds and its steeply pitched and decorated roof are perhaps the key features.


Above is a photograph of the school in the mid 1960s and below two pictures from 1999 taken when the Parish Council applied, unsuccessfully sadly, to get the building listed to help secure its preservation as one of the buildings in the village with strong character and a vital part of the community’s history.




Today it is a private nursery – the Acorn Day Nursery












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