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History and Culture


History and Culture

Version 1

10 Feb 2007


General introduction


Hello. Welcome to the part of our village site that records and celebrates the history of the people and places that make Brafield what it is today through its long history as a settlement.


Here, by using the words ‘History’ and ‘Culture’, I will publish both written accounts and artistic/photographic images that relate to the people that have lived and worked in our village and the impact that they have had on its landscape and buildings from the earliest dated evidence up to the present.


‘History’ begins yesterday and ‘Culture’ is a continuing and evolving part of what our community is through our village life today. The site will include some ‘oral’ accounts of the past by villagers and those who have lived here, past and present.


Below is an outline of the content of this part of the site as I see it developing. The content will be expanded as necessary as I get more material.


Please look through the entries below. If you have some material – whether written or pictorial material - that you would like me to consider adding – some old photographs perhaps, a news cutting, a poster of an event, a letter about the village and its folk etc., some written notes – then please contact me as the editor of this part of the site.


I am particularly interested in photographs of buildings in the village from which I can show ‘then’ and ‘now’ comparisons. I can scan anything which you might have. Please note, I specialise in analysing historical documents relating to land – if you have old title deeds relating to land in the village, then I am particularly interested in seeing these and summarising their content for the site. An example of what can be drawn out of these documents is provided for 64 Billing Road.


The parts of the site that have text and pictures so far are indicated in green below. In some cases the text may only be a starting point with more to be added so please be patient!


Kevin Ward

Feb 2007



History and Culture




1.  Introduction

A summary of where to find archives and printed material relating to the History of the village.

  • Brafield as a place name


2.  Our landscape and buildings


A selection of historic maps showing the houses and landscape of the central part of the village and Lower End      from 1827, with accompanying text.


  • Field and place names


  • General history: our local landscape and buildings


  • The Green


A detailed historical account of the history of the Church and Poors Land Charity and its estate which today  includes the allotments and the Children’s Play area in the village. The account goes back to the early 18th century, is based on original and unpublished research, and gives lots of names of former residents of the village who feature in the history of the Charity and its land. It also includes some historic maps and a short piece on the history of Pendred’s Charity from 1720.


 A short account of the most interesting architectural features of the Church illustrated with many photographs. Links to a more detailed architectural description of the Church and a short history and guide designed to take the visitor to the building around its various features.


  • Chapels

 Brief historical details about the School with photographs.


 An account of the history of the Hall with photographs and recollections by John Ford written to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2005


  • Farms
  •  Other buildings


     A detailed historical account of the building and its site based on the original deeds (which go back to 1806) with copies of old photographs and maps. The details include many references to personal names of owners and occupiers of the house and the many other cottages that used to occupy the land.


     A short account of the transformation of this building in the 1970s, illustrated by old and contemporary photographs and paintings.



3.  Our people


  • General history
  • Individuals


  • Families


  • Village groups


  • Village events






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