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History of the village

Old Photographs


The following entries link to information sent to us related to the village.


Date:  Description:
Link 18/03/2010 Photograph A (Ten people)
Link 18/03/2010 Photograph B (Five people)
Link 18/03/2010 Photograph C (Thirty eight people)                                   Seven names still required
Link 18/03/2010 Photograph D (Five people)
Link 09/09/2010 Photograph E (Sixteen man soccer team)
Link 11/09/2010 Photograph F (Thirty four men - Home Guard)                    One name still required
Link 20/11/2010 Photograph G (Forty seven people - colour)             New - can you provide names?
Link 20/11/2010 Photograph H (Twenty one people - colour)              New - can you provide names?









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